Saturday, September 2, 2017

How Was Your Roosevelt Island Commute To Manhattan Today - No F Train, Long Tram Lines & New Ferry Service

So, did you try to get to Manhattan from Roosevelt Island with no F Train direct service and only one Tram Cabin in service today?

The Roosevelt Island Tram line today to use the one working Tram Cabin while Station Platform work is being done was very long.

The Twitterverse reports:

At about 1:40 PM, the Tram line was down the street almost reaching 

the Visitors Center Kiosk.
The crowd patiently waited for the Tram coming from Manhattan

and the arriving passengers to exit

before hopefully getting on Board the departing Tram to Manhattan.

Only about half those on the line were able to get on the incoming Tram - the other half were left behind for the next Tram.

A new transportation option for Roosevelt Island today

was the Astoria Route Ferry service

Were you one of the lucky Roosevelt Islanders who used the Ferry today?