Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Roosevelt Island The Most Haunted Place on The Planet? More Spooky Happenings At The Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital

Interior of Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital

Blogger Melissa Bastian, who was creeped out by the spirits and ghosts at the Octagon has company in thinking that Roosevelt Island is:
possibly the most haunted piece of land on the planet.
Well maybe not the most haunted on the planet but perhaps in New York City. Another visitor to Roosevelt Island sees spooky images in pictures he took of the Renwick Ruins Smallpox Hospital wall and a friend feels a tap on the shoulder when nobody is close by according to this Live Journal account.
Last winter, my friend and I took the tram over to Roosevelt Island's crumbling Smallpox Hospital.

... For those who aren't skeptical, I kept seeing odd images come up on these, but take that as you wish.

When I first opened this on my phone, the image of a forlorn emaciated person's upper half with their face leaning on their hand jumped out at me from the left side of this picture. Then the image of a small boy on the right of the black hole in the middle was pointed out to me. Now that it's been lightened in photoshop and enlarged, I can see even more faces.

My friend told me that he felt someone tapping him on the shoulder, turned around to find me several feet back, but didn't mention it until we had left.

Image of face on Renwick Ruins Wall from Live Journal
I don't see the images but that doesn't mean they aren' t there.

A reader, Just a Mommy, shared her memories of driving past the Renwick Ruins in this earlier post.
As a child who grew up in Manhattan my family and I used to drive alot on the FDR and I remember looking out the window to my right and seeing what was left of this building. My brothers would say it was a crazy house where monsters lived and my older brother would tell the younger one if he misbehaved he would be shipped there permanently. I always found it very pretty and I envisioned it a castle and I would one day grow up and restore it and live there...
Here's a night time excursion to the Renwick Ruins via You Tube.


Kevin Walsh said...

I'm not trying to be obtuse, but I don't see anything in that picture, except a hole in the wall.

Anonymous said...

glad that our youth uses great terminology towards each other in this video. btw they also mentioned how stoned they were. This is criminal trespassing and you can be arrested.

Anonymous said...

@Pete Simson- How is being on public property criminal trespassing and grounds for arrest? They are obviously on the outside of the fence. As for the language, they are only words and can only offend you if you allow them to.

This is America where people still have a few rights, whether you agree with them or not. No crimes were committed in this video.

LiketheWind said...

I think I see the old person -- in profile-- on the left...

Anonymous said...

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