Saturday, February 2, 2019

Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin Stuck Above East River For Over 30 Minutes This Afternoon Due To Brake Problems

Roosevelt Island residents coming out of the F Train subway station this afternoon looked up towards the Queensboro Bridge and saw the Tram inching very,very,slowly across the East River

before safely docking at the Roosevelt Island Tram Station.

According to a passenger getting off the Tram at the Roosevelt Island Tram Station, the South Cabin was stuck over East River for about 40 minutes due to brake problems.

When the Tram docked, the doors would not open. The door had to be physically pried open and a bench inserted to keep the door from closing. Passengers had to climb over bench to exit the Tram.

I've asked the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) for more info on what happened and will update when info received.



UPDATE 2/4 - RIOC Public Safety Deputy Director Kevin Brown adds:
On Saturday, February 2nd at around 3:45 PM The south tram cabin experienced a mechanical issue after leaving Roosevelt Island at the midway point of the trip and had to return to the Roosevelt Island station. As a result of the mechanical issues, the tram moved at a reduced speed, taking approximately 30 minutes to return back to Roosevelt island. Passengers onboard were informed of the mechanical issue. Once the tram reached the Roosevelt island station they were transferred to the north tram cabin. The south tram cabin was taken out of service to address the mechanical issue.
The South Tram Cabin is back in service.