Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Watch Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station Platform Get A Soapy Wash And Cleaning

Here's how the MTA cleans the Roosevelt Island F Train Subway platform.

According to this January 20, 2019 MTA Press Release:


The car and station heavy duty cleaning program is an essential component of the Subway Action Plan and coordinates with other Subway Action Plan initiatives. It was launched in December 2018 and work is getting underway this month. The Subway Action Plan allocated approximately $200 million to the overall car and station program. This element of the car and station program involves numerous contractors to perform a one-time blitz targeting 100 priority stations and up to 3,000 cars - for intensive cleaning and refurbishment. Funded by the Subway Action Plan, the plan is to show demonstrable results over the next several months. Once refurbished, regular procedures can maintain the higher level of condition and service. An additional goal of the program is to give NYC Transit and its permanent workforce insight into new techniques, processes and materials that may enhance NYC Transit’s operations for many years to come.
UPDATE 4:15 PM - The Twitterverse asks: