Thursday, August 26, 2021

Join Adela & Cristina's Adventures In Reading And Wine Tastings Book Club At Amazing Roosevelt Island And NYC Locations Starting At New RI Panorama Room Rooftop Bar

Roosevelt Island resident Adela Sinclaire is a poet, educator, avid reader of great books and enjoys a good glass of wine. Ms Sinclair and her friend Cristina Afodorcei have combined these interests and formed a new book club entitled Books and Wine Tastings. 

Image From @michaelgoldburg

According to Ms Sinclair:

Our first book is called Slow Man by Nobel Prize winner J. M. Coetzee. Please join us in our adventures with reading and wine tasting. 

We will meet in person with others once a month. We will set up different locations on Roosevelt Island and the City and announce these to our book club members. 

This is a reading guide for those who want to join us in reading Slow Man by J.M Coetzee.


Meet Adela and Cristina as they introduce the Books and Wine Tastings Club at Roosevelt Island's Panorama Room rooftop bar in the Graduate Hotel. (Videographer credit @michaelgoldburg)
More info at the Books and Wine Tastings Instagram Page.