Monday, August 23, 2021

NYC Bridgerunners Workout Running Up Roosevelt Island Subway Station Deep Underground Down Escalators And Later Wowed By New Panorama Room Rooftop Bar Views - Expect The Chic And Savvy Coming In Droves To Roosevelt Island Panaorama Room Says Forbes

According to NYC Bridgerunners:

The City Is Our Gym 

A few days ago, running up the deep underground down escalator in the Roosevelt Island F Train subway station provided the workout for a group of NYC Bridgerunners

Afterwards, the NYC Bridgerunners enjoyed the view from Roosevelt Island's new Panorama Room rooftop bar at the Graduate Hotel and a tour from owners Med Abrous and Marc Rose.

With great views of the Queensboro Bridge, the group booked the Panorama Roof for their NYC Marathon Party.  

Here's the NYC Bridgerunners subway trip to Roosevelt Island, running up the subway escalator and visit to the Panorama Room.

According to Forbes:
... expect to see Panorama Room soon drawing the chic and savvy in droves for serious cocktails...