Wednesday, October 27, 2021

RIOC Board Of Directors Meeting Thursday October 28 - Roosevelt Island Steam Tunnel Repair Design, Public Purpose Grants Administration Contract With NY Community Trust And Reauthorization Of PPF Funds To 4 Non Profits On Agenda

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors will meet 5:30 PM Thursday October 28, via video conference.  

You can watch the Board meeting here and ask questions or share concerns about Roosevelt Island during the opening Public Session before the start of the meeting. Sign up to speak here.

But be aware that RIOC Board Members and staff rarely respond to questions during any Public Session though they sometimes address the subject during the actual Board meeting.

Questions that could be asked - why is David Kapell remaining on the RIOC Board of Directors when he no longer lives on Roosevelt Island?

Also,  RIOC's new Main Street office  is hidden behind frosted windows. What message does that send to the community?

Among the Agenda Items for the October 28 RIOC Board of Directors meeting are:

  1. Authorization to Enter into Contract with Langan Engineering for Design Services in Connection with the Steam Tunnel Project (Board Action Required)
  2. Authorization to Enter into Contract with the New York Community Trust for Public Purpose Funds Grant Program (Board Action Required)
  3. Authorization of Amendment of Public Purpose Funds Grant Expenditure for FY 2020-21 (Board Action Required – Materials to Follow)... 

Below are RIOC Board Materials for the Steam Tunnel Project,

authorization to contract with NY Community Trust for Public Purpose Funds Grant Program

and approval to reauthorize use of Public Purpose Funds to: 

  • Roosevelt Island Disabled Association
  • Carter Burden Network Roosevelt Island Senior Center
  • Roosevelt Island Historical Society
  • Wildlife Freedom Foundation.