Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Roosevelt Island Roosevelt Landings Resident Says Rat Problem Getting Worse From Wholesome Market Overcrowded And Uncovered Garbage Dumpsters, I'm Afraid Rats Will Come Into My Apartment If I Open Patio Door Says Resident

A Roosevelt Island Roosevelt Landings resident reports: 

The rat problem is getting worse . There are so many rats going into out patios and just running on the sides of 540 Main Street. They are now in groups a lot of the time. Wholesome Factory puts dumpsters out in the evenings and many of the dumpsters don’t have covers. There is also loose garbage falling from overcrowded dumpsters. They also have garbage stored at the back of the building until it’s put out at night. They have rat bait traps out but that does nothing to take care of the rat problem.

The rat problem is so bad on my side that they roam from the steps that I think used to be an outdoor theater to Wholesome dumpsters all the way down from the beginning of the 540 walkway to the end near the water. Everyone on this side with a patio apartment has a rat problem. Some can be seen during the day but it’s much worse at night. I’m afraid to open my patio door at night because it’s so dark and I’m afraid of them coming into the apartment. 

Is there anything that can be done to make Wholesome more responsible for the problems they are causing. ?  

I asked Roosevelt Landings building management, C+C Apartment Management, about the resident's rat complaint

A spokesperson replied:

The safety and health of our Roosevelt Landings community is our top priority. While we have not received any complaints from residents, we are monitoring the situation closely and continue to conduct weekly exterminations.