Thursday, August 12, 2021

Sponsored Post - Get Your Local Homegrown Peak Season Juicy Peaches, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes And More Healthy And Tasty Fruits And Vegetables Saturday At Roosevelt Island Wengerd Family Farmers Market

The Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market is a beloved part of our community - a place to purchase locally grown, healthy and deliciously tasting fresh fruits, vegetables and other items at Good Shepherd Plaza. It's also a gathering spot to meet and talk with our neighbors.  

Farmers Market vendor Israel Wengerd shows us

his local homegrown

peak season juicy peaches
that will be available for us this Saturday at the Farmers Market with homegrown sweet corn, tomatoes and a wide variety of other healthy and delicious tasting fruits, vegetables and much more.

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market at Good Shepherd Plaza is open early morning to mid afternoon on Saturdays in good weather and bad.

Eat Fresh, Eat Local 

                                                                                                Image Of Wengerd Family Farm

and Eat Healthy at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.