Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Roosevelt Island AVAC Underground Garbage Collection System Getting New Manhole Behind Rivercross Building To Remove Obstructing Materials - Watch Video Showing How AVAC Works And The Crazy Items People Shove Down AVAC Chutes Jamming The System

A Roosevelt Island resident asked this afternoon about the fencing going up behind Rivercross building today.
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) announced the answer yesterday via Twitter advisory:
Please be advised that, on Tuesday, April 19th, RIOC will be adding a new AVAC manhole in the west line, behind Building 505 in Rivercross. This is required in order to access and remove materials (garbage) that are obstructing the discharge line that conveys into the main west side line. This will take approximately 2 weeks to be completed. ENVAC, the company that makes the repairs to our AVAC system will service the system in the following weeks.

I asked RIOC yesterday:

Does this mean that the AVAC system is down for all of Roosevelt Island for next 2 weeks. Or just some buildings?

But no answer.

Here's how the Roosevelt Island AVAC system works

and doesn't work when it gets jammed.