Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Watch Video Of Roosevelt Island Community Conversation With Cornell Tech Prof Serge Belongie, Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Augmented Reality - Identifying Birds And Self Driving Cars Too

Cornell Tech has initiated a series of Roosevelt Island Community Conversations between residents and Cornell Tech Faculty. The first conversation took place September 25 with Professor Serge Belongie.

Professor Belongie spoke about Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.

Here's the September 25 Roosevelt Island Cornell Tech Community Conversation with Professor Serge Belongie. (Click full screen icon at bottom right of videos for better view)

Part 1 - Cornell Tech Assistant Director of Government and Community Affairs Jane Swanson introduces Professor Belongie.

Part 2 & 3 - Professor Belongie explains what brought him to Cornell Tech and Roosevelt Island and describes his Computer Vision research using as an example identifying birds

with Visipedia tool.

Part 4 - Augmented Reality.

Part 5 & 6 - Question and answers from residents including deep learning methods identifying music, video, disease as well as future of self driving vehicles (Professor Belongie is very skeptical of self driving cars and would not want to get in one).

On October 17, the second Cornell Tech Faculty Roosevelt Island Community Conversation took place with Professor Nicola  Dell. Will post video of Professor's Dell's presentation soon.

The final two Cornell Tech Faculty Roosevelt Island Community Conversations are:
  • Nov. 29th: Prof. Mor Naaman
  • Dec. 11th: Prof. James Grimmelmann
The Cornell Tech Community Conversations are very interesting. Try to attend.