Friday, November 19, 2021

Take A Walk To Visit The Beyond 4 Freedoms Art Installation By Shaun Leonardo At Roosevelt Island 4 Freedoms State Park This Weekend - Vulnerable Communities Reinterpret The Four Freedoms With Hand Gestures To Convey Their Truths

Between 4 Freedoms is a public artwork by the artist Shaun Leonardo showing at the Roosevelt Island FDR Four Freedoms State Park thru November 30.

According to the Beyond 4 Freedoms website:

I want this to be a reinterpretation, not a rearticulation… What would the most vulnerable communities living and breathing today, especially considering the intersecting crises of the last year, say about the Four Freedoms? Freedom of worship. Freedom of speech. Freedom from want. Freedom from fear. Shaun Leonardo asks.

These images were generated through a series of workshops during which the artist collaborated with participants to reinterpret the Four Freedoms through the lens of their own lived experiences — engaging with the capacity of hand gestures to convey their truths.

The accompanying animations offer you a window into this otherwise intimate workshop process — giving you the opportunity to listen to different participants contemplate their experiences of freedom, whether withheld, barred, or actively stripped away.

The artist asks us to acknowledge that no true conversation on freedom may take place without considering that we stand on the traditional, unceded territory of the Lenape people, referred to as Minnehanonck.

More videos of the Between Four Freedoms workshops here.
Here's a panel discussion about Beyond 4 Freedoms including artist Shaun Leonardo at the FDR 4 Freedoms State Park moderated by Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Walk on down to the FDR 4 Freedoms State Park this weekend and take a look at the Beyond 4 Freedoms artwork.