Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sign Up For Scoop-A-Poop Day On Roosevelt Island Saturday June 11 - Dog Owners Want The Community To Be Nice And Poopie Free Too

According to the Roosevelt Island Dog Parents Association group:

There is a sign up sheet for dog people to sign up for Pooper Scooper duties on Roosevelt Island Day - June 11th. Dog owners here are trying to taken responsibility and not ignore the mess our dogs create. While there are always irresponsible owners, most of dog owners on RI want the community to be nice and Poopie free. Scoop-a-poop day on RI!

We will go around the Island picking up any dog poop that we find on the streets and grass.

Everyone will be divided in groups so we can clean more effectively! (i.e. 1 group will clean the Cornell area, another group will clean the Southtown area, etc...)

Areas to be cleaned 

• 11am-12pm: West Esplanade (from promenade to Main Street)

• 12pm-1pm: East Esplanade (from promenade to Main Street)

• 1pm-2pm: Lighthouse Park, South-point Park, Cornell

We will have poop bags and garbage bags available at our RIDPA table on the meditation lawn, but I also encourage everyone to bring water bottles to throw on poop that cannot be picked up because it’s not solid. 

When you sign up please indicate what time frame you will be available. We ask that you volunteer 1 hour, but it can be more if you want.

If you would like to participate in Scoop-A-Poop On Roosevelt Island, please email the Roosevelt Island Dog Parents Association.

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