Thursday, July 22, 2021

RIDA Hosts Roosevelt Island Disability Fair Yesterday Afternoon Providing Info And Resources For All Ages And Types Of Disabilities From More Than A Dozen Agencies

The Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA) with help and support from the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) and Carter Burden Network Roosevelt Island Senior Center hosted a Disability Fair for all ages and types of disabilities yesterday afternoon at Good Shepherd Plaza.

Despite some initial rain and thunder, the weather cleared, rain stopped and Roosevelt Island residents came out to the fair to learn about available resources and info.

RIDA President Wendy Hersh tells us about the Roosevelt Island Disability Fair (Photos by Irina Hage):

... During the pandemic a lot of people's disabilities came more to the surface but even before that we have a large population of people with disabilities living here and very few resources so we've been wanting to do this for a while.
We have  all different agencies that service people with disabilities. We have mental health, we have substance abuse, we have hearing loss and visually impaired, we have case management, we have Access VR 
where I work which helps students up to whatever age and adults who want to go back to work. We help them get training at work.
We have YAI which deals with people with developmental disabilities. 
The politicians are here, Senator Serrano's office

and Ben Kallos'. The Fortune Society is here who have an array of services for people with disabilities or without disabilities who have criminal justice involvement. We have an agency that deals with Alzheimer's disease and we  have two visually impaired agencies here....   
It's a good combination of people... 


Organizations attending the Roosevelt Island Disable Fair include:

Access VR

Brooklyn Center For Independence Of The Disabled  

Carter Burden Network Senior Centers

Child School 

Concepts of Independence

Disabled Association Support For Seniors & Homebound  (DASH) 

Fortune Society

Hearing Loss Association on NY 


New York State Commission for the Blind 

NYC Commission on Human Rights 

 National Rehabilitation Association (NRA) 

Office of Emergency Management Services 

NY State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright

 Roosevelt Island Disabled Association 

NY State Senator Jose Serrano 


Visiting Nurse Services of NY- Pears- 


More pictures of the RIDA Disability Fair here from Irina Island Images.