Sunday, September 19, 2021

Roosevelt Island Affordable Housing, Community Space, Climate Change Storm Resiliency & Covid Recovery Among Issues Needing To Be Addressed Says Julie Menin, NYC Council District 5 Democratic Party Nominee At Farmers Market Yesterday - She Bought Some Peaches Too

Julie Menin is the Democratic Party nominee to represent Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side in NYC Council District 5, seeking to succeed current City Council Member Ben Kallos who is term limited from running again. 

Ms Menin was at the Roosevelt Island Saturday Farmers Market yesterday meeting and talking with residents about local issues including Roosevelt Island Seniors Association Vice President Andrea Jackson shown below.

Ms Menin also bought some peaches at the Farmers Market

I spoke with Menin about her experience and local issues facing the District. According to Ms Menin: 

  ... I've spent a tremendous amount of time on Roosevelt Island both during the primary and since the primary, speaking to voters about what is on their mind. 

Affordable housing is top of mind. We don't want a situation where people are being priced out of Roosevelt Island so that is one of the top concerns I hear .

Another concern I hear is a lack of community space. There's so many wonderful organizations here on Roosevelt Island . We want to make sure that they have the space to meet, to congregate, to do the important work that they're doing.

Climate change, storm resiliency is another issue. We saw it recently with what happens with Hurricane Ida. We want to make sure that Roosevelt Island is truly protected so those are some of the many issues that residents have been speaking to me about.

And certainly recovering from Covid and making sure that the city is fully vaccinated. We still have a ways to go. We're 80% city-wide but there's still room for improvement on that as well....


Visit Ms Menin's web site for more info.

Ms Menin's general election opponent torep resent Roosevelt Island, the UES and East Harlem in NYC Council Distrct 5 is the Republican Candidate Mark Foley. 

The General Election is Tuesday, November 2.