Monday, December 20, 2021

Sponsored Post - Happy Holidays From The Wildlife Freedom Foundation - Your Support Helps Us Save Lives, Care For Sick And Injured Roosevelt Island Wildlife And Find Loving Families For Homeless And Abandoned Cats

Happy Holidays from the Wildlife Freedom Foundation! 

As 2021 comes to a close, your support helps us:

  • Save lives,
  • Rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife,
  • Continue caring for all our injured animals,
  • Rehabilitate injured waterfowl,
  • Find loving families for homeless, abandoned cats.
  • Provide permanent homes for cats that aren't adopted,
  • Spay and neuter cats.
  • Raise orphaned squirrels,
  • Raise orphaned opossums and
  • More.

Please donate today to help us save lives. On behalf of all the animals who will have a second chance and whose lives will be forever changed by your Tax-deductible donation, Thank you! 

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